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Healthy eating habits for teenagers

Healthy eating habits for teenagers Key points It’s normal for teenagers to feel hungrier and eat more as they begin puberty. Encourage healthy eating habits by being a good food role model, creating a healthy food environment, and sending healthy food messages. Unhealthy eating habits include eating too much, not eating enough or following a […]

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Medications for children above 12 years of age

Key points Children’s medicines are designed for children’s bodies. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about which medicines are right for your child. Always check dosage instructions before giving medicine to your child. Call the Poisons Information Centre on 131 126 if you think your child has accidentally taken medication or has taken the wrong dose. […]

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Low mood and depression: teenagers with autism spectrum disorder

If your teenage child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is struggling with low moods or depression, there are some practical strategies you can use at home. But if you’re really worried about your child, seek help from a health professional. On this page: Autism spectrum disorder, low mood and depression: what to expect Signs and […]

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